Shattered dimensions (super weird story) by Coby

Shattered dimensions (super weird story)   Chapter 1 The intro   Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were in a place full of mirrors? (picture that in your head) Fwoosh! “My name is Bink the bee. I am on a journey to save the dimensions from Meany the Zucchini”said Bink.… Read more Shattered dimensions (super weird story) by Coby

Ski Alpine

Ski Alpine venait de norway. Tu as besoin d’une colline pour faire ski alpine. Ski Alpine est super amusant. Il y a diffrentes collines pour ski alpine. Il y a diamat noir, carre bleu, cercle vert et double diamat noir. Le evenements est super G et alpine. Le equipement est ski et ski botte. Ski… Read more Ski Alpine