Cop Tristin p

Hello world today I am going to show you a preview of the book Cop Tristin! by the way check Coby’s blog to find cop Tristin the book but not now because it is still getting made! have fun reading this sneak peak!

Cop Tristin

Chapter 1 The bank robbery


 BREAKING NEWS!  Stuffy town is under attack! 


A new villain is in town “ha ha ha my name is bebe sheep I will destroy stuffy town” 

“not on my watch”

“ Who are you?”

“ I am Cop Tristin. 

“get out of here cop Tristin.”

 No way,”

Cop Tristan and Bebe Sheep start to argue with each other. They are both on top of a small grey building in town. Bebe Sheep tells Cop Tristin that he’s going to capture Cop Tristin with a rope. Cop Tristin tells bebe sheep he will leave and goes out into the town. Bebe Sheep decides to rob the bank.

One thought on “Cop Tristin p

  1. Hi Coby,

    love the preview of Cop Tristan! I’m exited to read what’s next in the book. I hope that Cop Tristan deosn’t get captured by Bebe sheep.


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