My pulley blog post

Hello world Coby here ! today I am going to show you about pulleys and the one I made.

What is a pulley ?

A pulley is something that helps you lift things up !

The fixed pulley : the Fixed Pulley is the pulley with one wheel  and when it lift’s something up it requires the same force of the object that you have to lift ……so its not really much help. And here is a picture of a Fixed Pulley

Now the other pulleys are called the block and tackle

,moveable and the compound. Those Pulleys make the weight that you have to pull have the weight and the more wheels that you have the easier it is to pull !


How I made it was I got two tiny cardboard pieces and hot glued it on the tape roll .( do that twice) Then get long string and loop it around the wheels and then I cut out the hook and hot glued it no one end of the string and then get a object and put it on the hook and then your done !



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