Innovation Project – Coby’s Final

Hello there, Coby here. Today I am going to show you my innovation project. For my innovation project, I am making a medieval castle. My medieval castle includes a working drawbridge, castle, windows, well, garden, spiral staircase, stage with a curtain, doors, second floor, table, the king and queens chair, king and queen bedroom, the king and queens beds and an orange squiggly carpet.

Background Information 

  • The Middle Ages began when Roman empire broke apart.
  • Different groups around Europe started to invade and take over. An example of an invader is Attila the Hun.
  • A powerful ruler emerged his name was Charles the Great. He created the feudal system.
  • The Black Death was a deadly disease caused by rats.

Castle: A castle is a home to a lord. Sometimes there could be a village surrounding a castle. Castles store their water supply in their walls. Castles have this big room called the great hall. The great hall is where everybody eats and gets entertainment. One type of castle is called the Motte and Bailey castle.

Drawbridges: Drawbridges are a bridge that goes over the moat that surrounds the castle. Drawbridges are also used for keeping bad guys out of the castle. For example, if bad guys are coming to attack and the drawbridge is raised up, they will fall into the moat. If the drawbridge is not raised up, the bad guys can get into the castle.

Lords vs Serfs: If you were a lord, you would live privileged. Privileged boys learned to become swordsman and privileged girls learned to dance, read and play a musical instrument. Serfs had the least amount of power. Serfs did not learn how to read or write.

Knights: Knights are the strongest type of solider. To become a Knight, you have to be trained very good!  Knights usually fight on horseback.

Hypothesis: My hypothesis is that my gear and pulley system will work and my castle will be super cool. I plan on using many different materials to make it.

Here is a link to my pulley post


How to build the drawbridge

Materials : 3 skewer sticks, 4 17 by 7 cm cardboard pieces,  2 pulley wheels , 3 gears , string , 4 4 by 3 cm pieces of cardboard , scissors and hot glue gun.

1. Hot glue 2 of the 17 by 7 cm cardboard pieces standing up on the third piece,  one at each side.  Make sure that the third piece is in a hot dog shape. Bend the last 17 by 7 cm piece of cardboard at the end so there is a small flap and hot glue the flap on the 17 by 7 cm piece of cardboard that is in the shape of a hot dog. 

3. Stick a skewer stick through the two standing 17by 7 cm pieces  in the middle near the top and slide 2 pulley wheels on the skewer before you stick it through.

4. See the video for the rest of the directions.

Results: My results were good. My pulley and gear system worked, although I had to make changes to my system. My castle was good. It included lots of cool stuff like a spiral staircase.

You can look at these pictures. If you want, you can zoom in.

Conclusion: My pulley/gear system works but I had to make changes to my pulley and gear system because I found out that my gear system was not actually a gear system. I had to change my gear system and add another gear on top. It still works but it sometimes gets stuck. My castle and drawbridge were good.

If i did this project again I would try to add more features such as fake food, a lords room, paper guys,  a shed and a town house.


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  1. Amazing job! I love how you took the time to make all the extra details inside the castle. Impressive!

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