Cookie blog

Hello everybody, today I’m going to talk about our cookie task. For science class we had to excavate all the chocolate chips from the cookie. Here is a picture of me excavating chocolate chips from a cookie with one skewer stick and two tooth picks. This is my resalts : We tried to treat the… Read more Cookie blog

Innovation Project – Coby’s Final

Hello there, Coby here. Today I am going to show you my innovation project. For my innovation project, I am making a medieval castle. My medieval castle includes a working drawbridge, castle, windows, well, garden, spiral staircase, stage with a curtain, doors, second floor, table, the king and queens chair, king and queen bedroom, the… Read more Innovation Project – Coby’s Final

pirates !

I believe that being a pirate is not good. I don’t want to be a pirate because you have to steal and you live on a boat. The pirates play board games and I don’t like board games. I don’t like the hot weather and sunbathing. Pirates are really mean. They steal stuff like money… Read more pirates !

Coby’s persuasive writing on why you should get pet

Hello everybody today I’m going to show you my persuasive writing on why you should get a pet! What if you could always be happy? Because you can cuddle with a ball of fur all day! That’s why I think all families should own a pet!. You can be more responsible and always be happy… Read more Coby’s persuasive writing on why you should get pet