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Achooo where are my tissues?

Uh oh my allergies started again…

Allergies are the worst!


Hello grade 4 and Ms.M. Today I’m going to talk about allergies.

My three main points are: What are allergies? What can give you allergies?  What are the symptoms of allergies and what can happen to you?


My first point is what are allergies?  Allergies are something that your body reacts to.  Allergies happen when your immune system reacts to something in a not normal way. 

Did you know you have to take this terrible test to see if you have allergies? To know if you have allergies, you have to do a test where they poke lots of tiny needles into your arm. Each needle is for something that you can be allergic to.If your arm is itchy, that means you are allergic to something.You might have heard of an epipen, an epipen is something that could save your life from an allergy that can kill you!.


My second point is what you can get from allergies: Getting an allergy or two is not fun.

You can get lots of things from allergies. Your symptoms can depend on what you are allergic to.  You can sneeze a lot, cough, your eyes can get really itchy and you can get hives, which is an itchy rash.  You can also get diarrhea, have problems breathing and feel like you may pass out.

(What sets your allergies off?) 


For me, if I went for a walk in fields of ragweed and trees, my eyes would get really itchy and my nose would be running and very very stuffy.  When I get home I wait until it’s near my bedtime and I use my antihistamine,eye drops and my nose spray.


My last point is all about what can give you allergies. Well, where do I start? Lots of things can give you allergies. For example some common allergies are : Trees,tree nuts,pollen,milk,wheat,soy,grass,egg,sesame, fin fish,peanut and mold.  You can be allergic to almost anything, the list is endless! I am allergic to ragweed and trees.  These are environmental allergies.When springtime comes, my nose runs like crazy, I’m sneezing like the wind, my eyes water like a waterfall and I get really itchy like I have 1000 bug bites on me.

To help my allergies feel better, I use antihistamine,a nose spray,eye drops and of course billions of tissues. The symptoms that I get are a runny nose,sneezing,stuffy nose and itchy eyes… like I said the list is endless!


In conclusion,allergies are very common and very annoying, they are everywhere!  The good thing is we can treat people for their allergies and make them feel better.  With the way our world is changing, soon we may be allergic to the world and have to move to Mars!


Please everyone think about others and be allergy aware!  Don’t wear smelly perfumes or let your pets jump on people!



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