Public speaking reflection task

Hello world! It’s Coby. Today I’m going to tell you about planning and presenting my speech on allergies. In my speech, I discussed what are allergies?, what can give you allergies? and what are the symptoms of allergies and what can happen to you. What I found easy was presenting my speech on allergies in front of our class because I know them and I’m not scared of them. What I found hard is presenting in the finals because there was half of the school there watching me. Also, writing my speech because you had to write stuff like a conclusion, a hook,  an into and three main body paragraphs. Last reason of what was hard was waiting to see if I made it to the finals because I really wanted to make it. I made it and I got gold in the finals !

Now I am going to tell you what I enjoyed, what I didn’t enjoy and what would I do differently next time. I enjoyed presenting in front of the class because it was super fun. I enjoyed writing my main body paragraphs because it seems easy. What I didn’t enjoy was  presenting in the finals. If you think about it, I feel better when I presented but really it was just waiting before and after. Finally, what would I do different next year ? I would try and add some more hand jesters and try and look at the audience the whole time, which means I’m not looking at my paper.  To sum it up, I hope you enjoyed the behind the scenes in my/Coby’s public speaking on allergies.

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