Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs are my favorite animals. Guinea pigs are the longest living rodents guinea pigs can live 6 to 8 years.


Facts about caring for guinea pigs

You have to put pellets in their food bowl and fill up their hay and fill up their water bottle, scoop up all the poop and pee in their cage then put in their shavings.


About my guinea pigs

My guinea pigs’ names are Luna and Zelda. They are about 6 months old. Luna and Zelda love treats. My guinea pigs are very soft. Luna is an Abyssinian guinea pig and Zelda is an American shorthair guinea pig.


Your guinea pigs need lots of houses to hide in when they are scared.

How to make a DIY guinea pig house


1 . First get a cardboard box not too big, not too small, cut holes in it to make sure that your guinea pig can fit in it. 

Then that’s it.



Make sure you give them a big cage .

Fun fact Guinea pigs like to sleep under blankets just like us.


The end, I hope you enjoyed learning about guinea pigs!!!!


2 thoughts on “Guinea pigs

  1. Hi Coby, I enjoyed reading your post about guinea pigs, it might help me make a house for my hamster.

    – Galaxy 72

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