pirates !

I believe that being a pirate is not good.

I don’t want to be a pirate because you have to steal and you live on a boat. The pirates play board games and I don’t like board games. I don’t like the hot weather and sunbathing. Pirates are really mean. They steal stuff like money and they don’t use it for good stuff, like a mansion with a 10 foot tv. Pirates love the sea and I do not love the sea.

Boats aren’t my thing because you could get sea sick. I do not love the sea because I do not like the ugly creatures and I don’t like swimming. The hot weather is not my thing because I feel like I’m burning in a lava filled volcano and sunbathing is just not good. Board games are just too boring these days and cards is just not fun.  Stealing is not good because you steal other peoples things and that is mean!

Pirates love boats but really there is better places to live in like houses, farms and buildings.  I love when it’s rainy so I can play video games but pirates hate rain because they can’t sunbathe. Pirates play cards which is not fun! I think pirates wear weird stuff. In conclusion, I do not want to be a pirate. If you do, you will regret it.

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